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How to put in actions

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1 How to put in actions on Mon Apr 16, 2012 7:46 pm

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This is just a clarification and a discussion of what kind of thing we're looking for with actions, with examples. The example given bears no relationship to the actual actions of individuals involved.

Firstly, create a new thread within your personal forum.

We don't need a lot of information, but the title should be related to the topic at hand.

Good: Father Fernando Actions - April 2012 (Gives what the post is, date & time)

Bad: Father Fernando's plan for city domination. (Not very useful as well as being somewhat general)

We would expect a list of actions to look something like this:

1: Teach my good buddy Prince Kensington Obtenebration 5 in exchange for the Majesty 5 he is teaching me.

2: Assault the haven of Archbishop Irina with the aid of Cedric, Jimmy & Daisy, using the information from last month's scouting.

3: Research Thaumatugic Path of Munchkinism 3 (Currently 17/21, spending willpower)

4: Learn Crafts Specialty: Floral Arrangement.

5: Use my Influence Underworld 5 to arrange a hit on Cedric after the assault on Irina.

Note that Father Fernando is only actually taking 3 actions here as neither XP expenditures nor using Influences you already have are actions as such. 1, 2 & 3 are all regarded as actions.

Action 1 would need a corresponding action from Prince Kensington to go ahead to confirm the discipline trade.

Action 2 tells us which other players would be involved in the scene as well as how the scene would occur. To assaault someone's haven, you have to find it first.

Action 3 is a research extended action. As Father Fernando is taking 3 actions, he would have a penalty of 2 on his research draw. He is spending a willpower to get an extra 3 cards, but that means he will start 1 willpower down next game.

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