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What Boons are worth

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1 What Boons are worth on Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:56 am

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Boons are the province of the Harpy, who records and arbitrates all boons within a city. It is at the Harpy's discretion whether Boons can be transferred between kindred or otherwise modified. Boons of various levels have the following approximate value.

Trivial Boon
A favour involving something a kindred could have done for themselves, but couldn't be bothered or didn't have time for. (Anything which does not require dots on a character sheet is a Trivial boon)

Minor Boon
A favour involving the expenditure of quantifiable resources (dots on a character sheet), including, but not limited to: Large sums of Money, Specific equipment, use of an Influence, to sway a vote on the Primogen council or teaching a skill specialty or single dot in a merit.

Major Boon
A favour involving a more substantial expenditure of resources or political capital, including; teaching of a discipline, unique equipment, grant of status, domain or right of progeny (where possible)

Blood Boon
A favour involving the spilling of blood on another's behalf, including; being injured on behalf of or while protecting another kindred or using blood to bring a kindred out of torpor.

Life Boon
A favour involving the risk of a kindred's unlife, including; saving a kindred from final death or risking final death on another kindred's behalf.

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